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Spiritual Journalism – An evolving stream but a neglected beat

  Need to give it the proper space

Spiritual journalism is an evolving stream in Indian media. But as a stream of journalism perhaps most of the readers are hearing its name for the first time.

However in India - the land of spirituality, spiritual journalism has existed in some form or the other since time immemorial, but at academic level and in the mainstream media, there has been little discussion over it. In this way spiritual journalism is a new concept, an evolving stream.

If we look at the mainstream media of Indian, we can see clearly evolving dimensions of spiritual journalism. Its structure may not be fully organized but its existence cannot be ignored or neglected.

In print media, all newspapers with a few exceptions are publishing regular spiritual columns. In the same way with a few exceptions most of the newspapers are having weekly spiritual supplements.

We can trace some efforts in news magazines within their professional limits, while literary magazines are giving regular coverage to spiritual content.

If we look at the TV channels, there exist more than three dozen devotional and spiritual channels from different spiritual traditions. Looking at their popularity, news and entertainment channels are also trying to give some space to devotional and spiritual content.

If we talk about web media, it is flooded with spiritual content. Whether it is Facebook or twitter, Instagram or you tube or blogs; there is bombardment of spiritual content.

If we look at the true carriers of spiritual journalism, we can trace them to be the spiritual magazines active since many decades before the coverage of spiritual content by mainstream media and they are doing their job with a philanthropic spirit and missionary zeal.

Combining these together, the coverage of spiritual content by print (newspapers, news and literary magazines, spiritual magazines), electronic (news, entertainment and devotional TV channels) and web media; the evolving stream can be termed as spiritual journalism.

There may be differences of opinion among the experts regarding the existence or mode of spiritual journalism but its presence is so clear that it cannot be ignored or neglected for long. However media houses don’t look that serious regarding it, which it deserves. There it is still a neglected beat.  But looking at the demand of the readers and its importance from the commercial point of view and also the call of the era; it can be undoubtedly declared that the era of spiritual journalism has dawned and there is need to give it the proper place or space it deserves.

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